Do you need to buy blinds? Make the best choice!

Ziptrak is a major Australian manufacturer of outdoor and indoor blinds. Outdoor blinds were conceived in Australia, and enable the harmonious connection of indoor and outdoor areas. These blinds are ideal for backyards, terraces, balconies, and verandas. Ziptrak blinds have a very robust and tough design and are made of high-quality materials.


Make your blinds suit the climate and environment

Therefore, they effectively shield the outdoor areas from the harsh elements typical of the Australian climate like rain, heat, UV rays, wind, glare, and more. They are also equipped with a mosquito barrier. Installing Ziptrak outdoor blinds is like adding a room to your house.

Roman blinds Melbourne offers a variety of designs for outdoor spaces, of which Ziptrak are by far the most popular ones. These blinds allow you enjoying the outdoor fresh air, without suffering from the harsh climatic elements. The effective mosquito shield that is included prevents any bug from pestering you and your guests. Therefore, you will not have the need to use toxic chemicals and repellents anymore.

Indoor vs. outdoor blinds

Zyptrak outdoor blinds are very easy to install, and their unique design rescinds the need for chains or ropes. In fact, these Roman blinds glide easily up and down, and they stop in any position you decide. These blinds are available in many colours; therefore, matching or complementing the style of your house and spaces is not an issue.

Ziptrak manufactures indoor blinds too. Indoor blinds Melbourne are offered in a large selection of materials, fabrics, colours, textures, designs, and styles. Therefore, finding the right match for your indoor space is not a problem. Indoor blinds can be customized to the size of your windows. Approach the professionals on blinds and inquire a price quotation. You will receive all the assistance and information to make the right choice. Competitive prices are guaranteed.

What about customer service?

The customer service you can expect from Blinds Melbourne is second to none. A professional technician will visit your home and take measurements. They will provide advice on the best style of blinds for your space, taking into account all the existing elements.

Then, your indoor blinds will be custom made for a perfect fit and finish, using just the best materials. No shortcuts, no compromises. You will get the best service and the best blinds for your home.

Whether you are looking for tough but elegant outdoor blinds or luxurious and stylish indoor blinds, Zyptrak has something exactly for you and your needs. Zyptrak outdoor blinds utilize a patented mechanism that allows you leaving the blind at any height.

The benefits of these blinds go beyond the simple control of light, airflow, insects, and dust. You can actually reduce significantly your energy consumption bills by using the blinds in a smart way.

As for indoor blinds, Zyptrak blinds are the ideal choice for bedrooms, as they effectively block out all the light outside. The patented mechanism of these blinds without chords or chains is safe for children, which provides peace of mind at home. What’s more, these blinds provide effective heat insulation to maintain a very pleasant temperature inside the room.